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3021 Phenolic Paper Laminated Sheet

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  • Brand:    Autai Phenolic Sheet
  • Type:    3021
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3021 Phenolic Paper Laminated Sheet

Thickness: 1mm-60mm

Length: 1020*2020mm,1220*2440mm,1020*1220mm.

Color: Brown

Definition and application:

   3021 phenolic paper laminated sheet produced by our company has good quality and competitive price, at the leading level of domestic insulation materials industry.

   3021 phenolic paper laminated sheet is made up of paper impregnated with phenolic resin by baking and heat pressing. This product applies to components in insulation system of motor, electrical equipment which has high requirement on mechanical property and also applies to transformer oil. It is usually used in low-voltage apparatus, such as base board of distribution cabinet.

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