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  • Brand:    ABS Rod
  • Type:    Dia. 6mm to 300mm ABS Rods, White ABS Bar and Black ABS Bars
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ABS (beige, transparent): English name Acrylonitrile-butdiene-styrene , is currently the largest output, the most widely used polymers. It PS, SAN , BS various properties of organic unity, both tough and hard, just balanced with excellent mechanical properties.

ABS rods:

We is the first production-thick ABS Rods companies. ABS Rods production are imported equipment and technology to produce a unique eliminate stress, and the use of new ABS material, do not add any recycled material. After years of unremitting innovation and improvement, cut the bottom to prevent deformation of the plate, bubbles, prone to breakage and other issues.

Color: gray, black, transparent, white, gray, flame retardant, ABS + PC and so on.

ABS sheet specifications:

  • (3-15mm) 1000 * 2000mm
  • (20-200mm) 1040 * 1230mm/1000 * 2000MM

ABS Rod Specifications: 

φ (2-200) 1000mm

main features

excellent impact strength, dimensional good stability, dyeing, molding and machining is good, high mechanical strength, high stiffness, low water absorption, good corrosion resistance, the connection is simple, non-toxic, odorless, has excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties.


food industry parts, architectural models, prototype production, into phase electronic industrial parts, refrigerator refrigeration industry, electrical and electronic fields, the pharmaceutical industry, beverages pipes, compressed air piping, environmental engineering pipe, chemical pipelines

ABS Rod, ABS RodsABS Rod, ABS Rods

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