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MC901 Nylon Sheet/Rod

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  • Brand:    Autai MC Nylon
  • Type:    MC901 Nylon
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MC901 Nylon Sheet/Rod
Size: MC Nylon Sheet:T X WX L  6-200mm×1000mm×2000mm

         MC Nylon Rod:Dia. X L   6-150mm×1000mm

MC 901 Nylon Properties
Autai Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength GB/T1040 Mpa 75-85
Elongation ISO 527 Mpa 4100
Rate of Breaking Stretch ISO 527 % >25
Pressure Strength Max ISO 604 Mpa 90 -100
Coefficient of compressibility ISO 604 Mpa 2700
Bending Strength ISO 178 Mpa 100 -110
Coefficient of elasticity bending ISO 178 Mpa 3300
Hardness GB3398 Shore D 83 -85
Impact strength ISO 180 KJ/M 2 5.4
Autai Thermal Properties
Melting point ISO 1218 °C 220
Intermittent Working Temp Max. **** °C +180
Continuous Working Temp Max. **** °C +115
Intermittent Working Temp Max. **** °C -100
Continuous Working Temp Max. **** °C -40
Coefficient of linear expansion ISO 11359 1/K.15-5 5-8
Autai Electrical Properties
Dielectric constant IEC 250 - 3.7
Dielectric loss coefficient IEC 243 KV/mm >25
Rate of Volume Electric Resistance IEC 93 1015
Surface resistivity IEC 93 0hms 1015
Impedance IEC 112 CTI CTI600
Autai Chemical Properties
Equilibrium water content 23°C 60%RH %
Acid resistance 23°C 60%RH
Alkali resistance 23°C 60%RH
Acid and alkali water resistance 23°C 60%RH
Chlorine, Acid, Alkali resistance 23°C 60%RH
Aromatic compound resistance 23°C 60%RH
Ketone resistance 23°C 60%RH
Hot water resistance 23°C 60%RH
Colors - - Blue
Specific Gravity ISO 1183 g/cm 3 1.15
Friction Propert ***PV=55 Mg/km 0.41
Friction coefficient ***PV=55 - 0.39
1. “+” means anti, "-" means none; "0"means " it depends on reality testing conditions.
2. Above data are provided by the raw material 
3. Above data can not be regarded as the additional term for the contract.
4. These products we mentioned are not suitable for medicine and tooth transplantation.
5. "HTR-PA"=High temperatre resistance MC Nylon;  "Oil-PA“=Oil Bearing MC Nylon; "Su-PA"=Supramoly MC Nylon
    "ESD-PA”=Anti-static MC Nylon R6; "EC-PA"=Electric Conduction MC Nylon R2

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