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Nylon Sheet (PA6)

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  • Brand:    Nylon Sheet
  • Type:    T.1mm to 100mm Nylon Sheets, White Nylon plate, Black Nylon boards, Blue Nylon sheet
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Nylon Sheet

Nylon sheet macromolecular main chain of the polyamide resin is a repeating unit of the polymer containing amide groups in general. Engineering plastics for the production of the five largest and most varied, the most widely used species. The main varieties of nylon is nylon 6 plate and nylon 66 block, were overwhelmingly dominant, nylon 6 sheets polymerization of caprolactam and nylon 66 sheets is poly adipic acid has diamine nylon 66 than nylon 6 to 12% of hard; nylon reform vast amount of varieties, such as reinforced nylon plates, conductive nylon sheet, nylon board and other polymer blends and alloys, etc., to meet the special requirements of different, widely used as metal, wood and other traditional materials substitutes.


① excellent mechanical properties. Nylon high mechanical strength, good toughness.

② self-lubrication, abrasion resistance. nylon with good self-lubrication, the friction coefficient is small, and thus, as part of its long life transmission.

③ excellent heat resistance. As with glass fiber reinforced PA66 after the heat distortion temperature of above 250 ℃.

④ excellent electrical system edge performance. Nylon high volume resistance, resistance to high breakdown voltage, is an excellent electrical, electrical insulating materials.

⑤ excellent weather resistance.

⑥ absorbency. Nylon water absorption saturation water to 3% or more. To a certain extent affected parts of the dimensional stability


Materials water absorption, and to a certain extent affected parts of the dimensional stability.


nylon engineering plastics as a large amount, widely used in machinery, automobile, appliances, textile equipment, chemical equipment, aviation, metallurgy and other fields. All walks of life to become an indispensable structural materials, such as making all kinds of bearings, pulleys, oil pipelines, oil reservoir, oil pads, protective cover, cage, wheel covers, spoiler, fan, air filter housing, radiator water chamber, the brake pipe, hood, door handles, connectors, fuses, fuse boxes, switches, throttle pedal, oiler cap, high code protection and so on.

1. The tolerance is subject to Thickness and Width: +0~3%
2. The above datas represent the theoretical value of the size 610*1220mm, and they are only for reference, the specifics please in kind prevail. 
3. Specification of Autai stock: 1000*2000mm, 610*1220mm. Other size need to customized
4. All the products above have been handled strictly according to the tempering process, the internal stress has reached the minumm level. 
"PA6"= ABS Original/ Beige/ Blue/ Black  "PA66"= Original/ Beige/Black / Blue  " PA-GF"= Nylon + 30% Glass Fiber Black "ESD-PA"= Anti-Static Nylon Black  "EC PA"=Electric Conduction Nylon Black 

1. “+” means anti, "-" means none; "0"means " it depends on reality testing conditions.
2. Above data are provided by the raw material 
3. Above data can not be regarded as the additional term for the contract.
4. These products we mentioned are not suitable for medicine and tooth transplantation.
5. "PA 6"=Nylon6; "PA66"="Nylon 66; "PA-GF“=Nylon+30% Glass Fiber; "PA-ESD”=Anti-static Nylon; "PA-EC"=Electric Conduction Nylon

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