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POM Sheet (Delrin, Acetal)

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  • Brand:    POM(Delrin & Acetal) Sheet
  • Type:    T: 5mm to 200mm POM Sheets, Delrin Sheets and Acetal Plate. White POM(Delrin & Acetal) Boards, Black POM,Delrin and Acetal Blocks
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POM(Delrin & Acetal Sheet

   POM Sheet: English name Polyoxymethylene sheets, commonly known as the Race of steel.(Delrin & Acetal) Plate, POM(Delrin & Acetal) Sheets is a high melting point, high-crystalline engineering thermoplastics. Because Delrin sheets has the good characteristics, very suitable for the automatic lathe machining, particularly for the manufacture of precision parts.

   Autai POM(Delrin & Acetal) sheets materials, imported equipment developed its own production of POM sheets. Do not add any recycled materials, rigorous international standards process handled, cut the bottom solved POM prone to bubbles, machining distortion problems. Products with bright, straight, smooth, uniform color, good performance and processing characteristics. Quality has been flat with imported brands. Of course, in order to meet the different needs of customers to the brand, providing a variety of customer needs. 

Key Features

POM(Delrin & Acetal) Sheet is widely used in the manufacture of sliding rotating machinery, precision parts, gears, bearings, etc.. Used throughout the automotive industry, electronics, clothing, medical, machinery, sports equipment and other fields Supply categories: white, black, plus fiber, anti-static, conductive and other.


high mechanical strength POM (Delrin & Acetal) sheet, rigidity POM (Delrin & Acetal) plate, high hardness POM (Delrin & Acetal) boards, excellent elasticity POM (Delrin & Acetal) sheets, slip resistance POM (Delrin & Acetal) blocks and abrasion resistance Delrin sheets, good creep resistance Delrin Plate , even at low temperatures Delrin block, high impact strength acetal sheet, very good dimensional stability acetal plate, excellent mechanical properties acetal block, physical inertia acetal board, suitable for contact with food.

POM(Delrin & Acetalsheet specifications: (6-200mm) 620 * 1230mm, 1000 * 2000mm

POM(Delrin & Acetal)  Rod Specifications: φ (6-300mm) 1000mm/2000mm

POM Sheet

1. The tolerance is subject to Thickness and Width: +0~3%
2. The above datas represent the theoretical value of the size 610*1220mm, and they are only for reference, the specifics please in kind prevail. 
3. Specification of Autai stock: 1000*2000mm, 610*1220mm. Other size need to customized
4. All the products above have been handled strictly according to the tempering process, the internal stress has reached the minumm level. 
5. Color: Original, Black, Transparent, 
"POM"=General Grade    "POM-GF“=POM+30% Glass Fiber  "POM-MOS 2"=MOS 2 + POM Black "POM-ESD”=Anti-static POM  "EC-POM"=Electric Conduction POM  "POM-PTFE"=POM + PTFE

POM Sheet, Delrin Sheet, Acetal Sheet

1. “+” means anti, "-" means none; "0"means " it depends on reality testing conditions.
2. Above data are provided by the raw material 
3. Above data can not be regarded as the additional term for the contract.
4. These products we mentioned are not suitable for medicine and tooth transplantation.
5. "POM"=General Grade;  "POM-GF“=POM+30% Glass Fiber; "POM-MOS 2"=MOS 2 + POM Black;
    "POM-ESD”=Anti-static POM; "EC-POM"=Electric Conduction POM; "POM-PTFE"=POM + PTFE

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