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  • Brand:    Autai PTFE Hose
  • Type:    OD: 1mm to 32mm PTFE Hose
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PTFE Hose is made of teflon (PTFE commonly known as the king of teflon, plastic) material extrusion sintering, after drying, high temperature sintering, finalize the design process and made of special steel tubes. Teflon dragon, the dragon, fluoro lung, plastic king, English as the Teflon, widely used in mechanical, electrical and electronic, automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, electric, military, communications and other important industrial science and technology, such as miniature transformer, etc.

Product features

1, high chemical stability, able to bear all the strong acid and aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, organic acids, etc., Strong alkali, strong oxidizer, reductant, and the role of various kinds of organic solvents.Very suitable for high purity chemical feed.

2, low coefficient of friction, the friction coefficient is generally only 0.04, is a very excellent self-lubrication material, and may not change with temperature and friction coefficient Change.

3, viscous resistance is good, the inner wall of the tube is not easy to stick colloid and chemicals.

4, excellent aging resistance, can be in outdoor use for a long time.

5, excellent electrical insulation properties: PTFE as the height of the non-polar materials, has good dielectric properties, resistance, dielectric constant of 2.0 or so, Is the smallest in all electrical insulating materials.

6, part of the tube of high transparency, it can be easy to observe the internal fluid status.

The performance parameters

1, resistance to voltage: 150 v to 600 v

2, the working temperature: - 80 ℃ ~ 260 ℃

3, melting point: 327 ℃

4, flame retardancy, VW - 1

5, breakdown strength: 26 kv/mm

6, color: transparent, translucent, white

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