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PTFE Shape

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  • Brand:    PTFE GASKET
  • Type:    OD: 5mm to 2000mm ptfe gaskets and PTFE enveloped gasket
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PTFE Gasket

    • PTFE Shape is made of ptfe suspension resin at room temperature using push and then through sintering and compression molding molding products. Apply to the temperature at 180 ℃ to 250 ℃ in all kinds of corrosive medium in the gasket sealing and lubrication sealing, and have used under various frequency electrical insulating materials.

Size of PTFE Shape

    •  OD 3mm to 2000mm, as your drawing.

USES of PTFE Shape 

    • polytetrafluoroethylene (English abbreviation for PTFE), has become a Teflon (English for Teflon) is the use of a series of excellent performance:
      • 1) high temperature resistant, long using temperature is 200 ~ 200 degrees,
      • 2) low temperature - in - 100 degrees is soft;
      • 3) corrosion - resistant ability aqua regia and all organic solvents;
      • 4) the best climate - resistant plastic ageing life;
      • 5) high lubrication - with plastic in the smallest friction coefficient (0.04);
      • 6) don't sticky - having the least of solid material surface tension and adhesion no matter;
      • 7) non-toxic - have physiological inertia;
      • 8) excellent electrical properties, is the ideal C grade insulating materials.

Ptfe PTFE Shape because its heat resistance in the plastic highest (260 ℃), high electric resistance (45 kv/mm), resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, the viscosity resistance and the most slippery, the wear-resisting engineering plastic material, and is widely used in machinery, auto parts, electronics, chemical industry, valve, etc. PTFE PTFE Shape is widely used in chemical, instrument, electric, mechanical industry;Which insulation casing due to the high temperature resistant, high voltage (300 v) widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical, electronic transformer, communication science, technology and industry, etc.

PTFE enveloped gaskets ( PTFE jacket gaskets )

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