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UHMW Sheet

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  • Brand:    UHMW Sheet
  • Type:    T. 6mm to 200mm UHMW Sheets, 300W UHMW PE Plate, 500W UHMW Sheets, 960W UHMW-PE Boards
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UHMW Sheet

Uhmw-pe sheet: English name Ultra - high molecular weight polyethylene (UPE) sheets, molecular weight is higher than 1.5 million thermoplastic engineering plastics.With molecular chain length is 10 ~ 20 times of high density polyethylene sheet, longer molecular chain (higher molecular weight) gives the UHMWPE's main advantage lies in toughness, wear resistance and resistance to stress cracking, because it is one of the polyethylene, UHMWPE has lubricity, chemical resistance and good performance of general UHMW sheet, its successful development is widely considered to be one of the top ten scientific and technological achievements in the 20th century.

UPE sheets sold by Mr Tay plastic sheet, rod, tube pass strict screening, selected from Germany, Switzerland and other places well-known manufacturers, has many years production experience, quality assurance.UPE molecular weight of 5 million to 10 million.Excellent toughness, abrasion resistance, long service life, performance outstanding.

Mr Tay plastic in the domestic variety of UPE sheet specifications are equipped with a large number of inventory, can in the shortest possible time response to customer demand.

Main features:

Impact resistance among the top of the plastic, excellent chemical resistance uhmwpe plate, low density uhmw sheets, low friction coefficient uhmw block, excellent demoulding performance uhmw-pe boards, the very bottom of the water absorption and static resistance uhmw sheets, excellent electrical insulation uhmwpe sheets, moderate mechanical strength uhmw pe, rigidity uhmwpe, creep resistance uhmw plate, continuous naturalness uhmwpe board, good high-energy radiation resistance uhmw pe plastic sheet, physiological inert (suitable for contact with food).

Areas of application:

Widely used in textile, paper making, food machinery, transportation, port, medical treatment, coal, chemical industry, etc.


  • UHMWPE Sheet specifications: (6-200 - mm) 100 * * 2000/1220 1230/1000 * 2440
  • UHMWPE Rod specifications: phi (10-250 - mm) 1000 mm / 2000 mm

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