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specifications: 5 mm to 300 mm POM(Delrin&Acetal) Rod

2014/6/4      view:

POM Rod : 3 mm to 300 mm


POM Sheets specifications: (1-200 - mm) 200 * 2000/1220 1230/1000 * 2440

POM Rods specifications: (6-300 - mm) 1000 mm / 2000 mm

POM Sheet (POM) : English name Polyoxymethylene, commonly known as the steel plate.Is to use POM plastic particles through the extruder temperature extrusion, after the opening of the die extrusion get different thickness of the plank.Is a kind of high melting point, high crystalline thermoplastic engineering plastics.Because of POM plate have good characteristic, very suitable for computer automatic lathe processing, particularly suitable for manufacturing precision parts.

There is no side chain, POM plate is a kind of high density, high linear polymer crystalline, excellent comprehensive performance.

POM sheets is a kind of surface is smooth, shiny hard and dense materials, yellow or white, can be in - 40-100 ° C temperature range for long-term use.Its wear resistance and self-lubrication is superior than the vast majority of the engineering plastics, and have good oil resistance, resistance to peroxide performance.Is not acid, uv resistance to alkali and the moonlight.

POM is a crystalline plastics, melting point, once reached melting point, the melt viscosity drops rapidly.When the temperature exceeds a certain limit or melt heating time is too long, can cause decomposition.

POM has better comprehensive performance, are the hardest in the thermoplastic, plastic materials in one of the most close to the varieties of the metal mechanical properties, its tensile strength, bending strength, high fatigue strength, wear resistance and electrical is very good, can be between - 40 degrees - 100 degrees for long-term use.

The main characteristics of POM plate:

High mechanical strength, rigidity, high hardness, good elasticity, sliding resistance and wear resistance, creep resistant performance is good, even at low temperature, high impact strength, good dimensional stability, excellent mechanical properties, physical inertia, suitable for contact with food.

The application areas of POM Sheet:

POM is widely used in the manufacture of all kinds of sliding rotational machinery, precision parts, gears, bearings, etc.Used throughout the automotive industry, electronics, clothing, medical, machinery, sports equipment and other fields.