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OD 5 mm to 2000 mm PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Washers

2014/6/4      view:

PTFE Gaskets Types:

PTFE Gaskets, PTFE Washers, PTFE Rings, PTFE Seals, Teflon Gaskets, Teflon Washers, Teflon Rings, Teflon Seals

Dimension: Outer Diameter,  Inner Diameter, Thickness, Chamfer (If needed).

Material: Virgin PTFE, filled PTFE, PEEK.

Finish: With your tolerance, Smooth surface, no black block, no Burr, no tool marks.

Package: In order to protect the Gasket shape, especially for thin gasket, we will packed them in Strong Carton or wooden case, however, the final package will depends on your dimension and quantity.

Character of PTFE GasketsPTFE WashersPTFE RingsPTFE Seals

a) Oil Free

b) High temperature resistance

c) Wear-resisting

d) insulate

e) non-stict

Property Of Teflon GasketsTeflon WashersTeflon RingsTeflon Seals Of all the known plastics, PTFE has some remarkable properties: it will not attacked by corrosive acids, even if they were hot; it did not dissolve in solvents; it could be cooled to -180°C without becoming brittle and it could be heated to 260°C without impairing its performance. PTFE materials also are extremely stable and nonflammable; clean, dry, non-oily and non-staining. The material is biologically inert and does not support biological growth (that is, it is non-pyrogenic). PTFE offer an extremely low static coefficient of friction, which stems from the extremely low intermolecular forces in the PTFE molecule itself.

Apparent Density: 2.1 ~ 2.3 g/cm3

Tensile Strength: ≥ 14.0 Mpa

Ultimate Elongation: ≥ 140%

Temperature: -20° F to 500° F (-180°C to 260°C)

 No. Filled  compound  and content  by weight Tension  strength MPa  min Ultimate  strength%  min Compresive  strength MPa  min
1 20%   glass   fiber 10 120 16
2 25%   glass   fiber 10 100 16
3 20%   glass   fiber      graphile 10 120 16
4 60%   bronze 10 80 20
5 15%   carbon   fiber 11 130 16
6 24%   bronze  12%glass  fiber   6%  graphite 9 100 16
7 15%glass  fiber   105polyikmide   5% graphite 10 120 16.7

Supply various virgin PTFE & TEFLON Compression Molded & CNC Machined components, such as PTFE GasketsPTFE WashersPTFE RingsPTFE Seals

- Supply different sealing rings, o-ring, gasket, washer and flange

- Both Virgin PTFE & TEFLON, and PTFE & TEFLON with glass fiber or graphite filled

- Both PTFE & TEFLON moldding, and CNC machining with sharp tolerance (+/-0.001'')

- Smooth Surface tumbled by stones

- Used wildely in Chemical System, Valve System and Electric Appliance

Teflon GasketsTeflon WashersTeflon RingsTeflon Seals can be molded or skived, has good anti-aging, low abrasive coefficient, it can bear high temperature and strong corrosion.

As a sealing element, it can be used in flange joints of various equipments and pipes in chemical industry, food-producing industry, medicine industry ect.

It can bear the most bitter chemical medium, and has good anti-creeping performance. The unloaded operating temperature range is -180~+260ºC.

Style: FF, RF, MFM, TG

Gasket could be made by your drawing!