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specifications: 6 mm to 100 mm PEI Sheets, PEI Rods

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PEI rods, PEI Sheets specifications: 6 mm to 100 mm

Polyether imide, Polyetherimide or pfi, is amber transparent solid, do not add any additives have low inherent flame retardancy and smoke, oxygen index was 47%, the level for UL94 burning - V - a level 0, density is 1.28 ~ 1.28 g/cm3. PEI has a strong high temperature stability, even if is enhanced PEI rods, PEI sheets, still has the very good toughness and strength.Therefore using the PEI excellent thermal stability can be used to make high temperature device.With excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation, radiation resistance, high and low temperature resistance and wear resistance, and can through the microwave. PEI sheets, PEI rods has good flame retardant, resistance to chemical reactions, and electrical insulating properties.Vitrification transformation temperature is very high, up to 215 ℃. PEI has a very low shrinkage rate and good mechanical properties such as direction.Adding glass fiber, carbon fiber or other packing can achieve the enhancement purpose to the modification;And other engineering plastics of heat-resistant polymer alloys, can be in 160 ~ 180 ℃ under the working temperature of use for a long time.

Underwriters laboratories provisions of polyether imide resin 338 t and 356 t is the long-term use of temperature (depending on level), burning level UL94V - 0 (10 mil thickness.Oxygen index on 47, polyether imide to meet the requirements of aircraft parts FAA flame retardancy and heat loose sexual material standards.Its glass transition temperature of 419 f, and allows continuous use under 392 f, at higher temperature, produce short-term deviation.Under 356 t, stretching temperature, and the flexural modulus in 41 and more than 2068 mpa.With glass fiber, carbon fiber reinforced material under state is close to the glass transition temperature, higher strength and stiffness.

Polyether imide long-term creep resistance under high temperature and stress to allow its in many structure equipment instead of metal and other materials.Under the condition of variable temperature, moisture and frequency shows very good performance.The low loss factor of under GHz ultem high microwave to wear.Its low ionic contamination levels in 250 f100 % r. h. 207 kpa and the conductivity of the water extraction after 120 hours, in more than 20 ohms, it can be used for insulation material of electronic sensor components.

Polyether imide is excellent coating and film forming material, can form is applicable to electronic industrial coatings and thin films, and can be used in the manufacture of aperture < 0.1 mu m, microporous membrane with high permeability.Also can be used for high temperature resistant adhesive and high strength fiber, etc.

PEI plate belongs to an amorphous plastics.Is a high performance of amorphous polymers, with amorphous PEI (poly (ether imide) made of high temperature engineering plastics extruder extrusion.

The main features, the PEI rod, PEI Sheet PEI

1, the PEI rodPEI sheet Chinese name (poly (ether imide) is amber transparent solid, low with good flame retardancy and smoke, UL94 burning level for - V - a level 0.

2, the PEI sheetPEI rod has very strong heat stability. High temperature resistance, thermal deformation temperature of 220 ℃, can be in a 180-160 ℃ under the working temperature of use for a long time.

3, hydrolysis stability is good, high temperature resistant, resistant to steam;

4, ultem has the very good uv radiation, Y radiation performance.

Second, the application of

Replace the metal manufacturing optical fiber connector, can make the element structure optimization, simplify the manufacturing and assembly steps, keep the more accurate size. Used in automobile industry, such as high temperature fittings for manufacturing, production, high power lamp and light, control the car cabin outside temperature sensor and control of air and fuel mixture of sensors.Also can be used for high temperature lubricating erosion of vacuum pump impeller, distiller that operate at 180 ℃ of ground glass joints (following), the lighting of anti fog light reflector.

PEI sheet specifications: (6-150mm) 620 * 1230mm

PEI Rod Specifications:φ (6-200mm) 1000mm/2000mm

Typical Properties      Test Standard Unit Typical Value
(Insulation PEI)
I. Physical Properties                       
Density  ISO 1183 g/cm3 1.27
Water absorption ISO 62 % 0.5
II.Mechanical Properties      
Tensile strength at yield ISO 527-2 MPa 110
Tensile strength at break ISO 527-2 MPa /
Elongation at break ISO 527-2 % 12
Modulus of elasticity after tensile test ISO 527-2 MPa /
Modulus of elasticity after flexural test ISO 178 MPa 3100
Hardness-Rockwell ISO 2039-2   220
Hardness-Shore D DIN 53505   86
Charpy impact strength at 23°C ISO 179 kJ/m2 4
Friction coefficient DIN 53375   /
III.Thermal Properties      
Heat deflection temperature-HDT/A ISO 75-2 °C 190
Max.service temperature-Short term   °C 210
Max.Service Temperature-Long term   °C /
Thermal conductivity at 23°C DIN 11359 W/(K*m) 0.24
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion ISO 11359 10-4*K-1 0.45
IV.Electrical Properties      
Dielectric constant at 1MHz IEC 60250 106HZ 3.2
Dielectric loss factor at 1 MHz IEC 60250 106HZ 0.0015
Surface resistivity IEC 60093 Ohm(Ω ) ≥1015
Dielectric strength IEC 60243-1 kV/mm >28
V.Miscellaneous Data      
Flammability UL 94   V0