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specifications: 6 mm to 150 mm PBT Sheets, PBT Rods

2014/6/4      view:

PBT rods, PBT Sheets specifications: 6 mm to 150 mm

Physical properties

PBT Sheets, BPT Rods is one of the most tenacious engineering thermoplastic materials, it is a semi crystalline material, have very good chemical stability, mechanical strength, electrical insulation properties and thermal stability.These materials in a wide environmental conditions have good stability.PBT, moisture absorption characteristics is very weak.The enhanced PBT, tension strength of 50 mpa, glass additive type PBT, tensile strength of 170 mpa.Glass additives too much will lead to a brittle material.The crystallization of PBT, very quickly, this will lead to bending deformation caused by uneven cooling.For a material with glass additive type, flow direction can reduce shrinkage rate, but with the process of vertical shrinkage rate and basically is no different from ordinary materials.General material shrinkage rate is between 1.5% ~ 2.8%.Containing 30% glass additive material contraction between 0.3% ~ 1.6%.Melting point (225 ℃) and heat deformation temperature is lower than the PET material.The vicat softening temperature is about 170 ℃.The glass transition temperature (glass trasitio temperature) between 22 ℃ and 43 ℃.Because of PBT, the crystallization rate is very high, so it is very low, sticky plastic parts processing cycle time generally is low.

Range of application

PBT sheet, PBT rod Home appliances (food processing blade, vacuum components, electric fans, hair dryer, coffee ware, etc.), electrical components (switch, electrical cabinet, fuse box, computer keyboard key, etc.), automotive industry (radiator shutters, body panels, wheel cover, door and window components, etc.).

Process conditions

Dry processing: this kind of material at high temperature is easy to hydrolysis, thus processing before drying process is very important.Recommended in the dry condition of 120 ℃ in air, 6 ~ 8 hours, or 150 ℃, 2 ~ 4 hours.Humidity must be less than 0.03%.If using moisture absorption dryer dry, it is recommended that the condition of 150 ℃, 2.5 hours.

PBT rod, PBT Sheet Melting temperature: 225 ~ 275 ℃, it is recommended that the temperature: 250 ℃.

Mold temperature: for not enhanced materials of 40 ~ 60 ℃.To well designed mould cooling chamber to reduce the bending of plastic parts.Heat loss must be fast and evenly.Suggest mold cooling channel is 12 mm in diameter. PBT SheetBPT Rod

Injection pressure: medium (maximum to 1500 bar).

The injection speed, injection speed as fast as possible should be used (because of PBT, solidifies soon).

Runner and gate: PBT sheetsPBT rods is recommended to use the circular flow channel to increase the pressure relay (experience formula: port diameter = thickness of plastic pieces + 1.5 mm).Can use various types of gate.You can also use the hot runner, but attention should be paid to prevent leakage and degradation of materials.Gate diameter should be between 0.8 ~ 1.0 * t, t here is the thickness of the plastic parts.If it is into the gate, it is recommended that the minimum diameter is 0.75 mm.

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