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Core values: respect people

Corporate mission: to revitalize the enterprise with excellent talents, to gain benefits through good management, to expand the market with quality products, and to win customers with excellent services

Corporate philosophy: to think of customers, love the society, pursue excellence, create perfection

Spirit of enterprise: start from me, start from scratch, work hard and innovate

Working principle: honest management, unlimited service, global strategy, 100 years dream

Market philosophy: scientific management, innovative operation, brand management, pursuit of excellence

Service concept: customers in my heart, unlimited service (three "god" : enterprise employees, consumers and society)

The Autai is the driving force of Autai's development

"Heaven" is the reason, reasonable, return to the society and the government is "depending on heaven", namely obey the natural development law of things

In the 5000-year history of Chinese culture, depending on the country and serving the people is regarded as the norm. Chinese people have the spirit of dedication and sense of service of fraternity. Therefore, what we should advocate is "depending on heaven and respect people".

Autai has been focusing on corporate responsibilities and obligations since its inception. In Autai's development process, Autai's distinctive corporate culture of "three gods", "customers in my heart", "revealing management" and "pursuing excellence without limits" has injected strong vitality into the development of the enterprise. Autai has never stopped exploring corporate culture, and "depending on heaven and people" explains the essence of Autai corporate culture.

Give yourself and give back to society

"Small wins in wisdom, big wins in virtue". No matter what kind of occupation one is engaged in, one should do one's duty and do one's best to make constant progress. This is the principle of work. Social responsibility is a social value that all social members should fulfill and assume. It will make our behavior more perfect and better adapt to the needs of society. In fact, social responsibility is extremely important whether working in a small company or a world-class enterprise.

As far as enterprises are concerned, their development is closely related to social progress, and every enterprise should assume certain social responsibilities. As a member of society, enterprises must be integrated into social groups, interact with various organizations, and make returns in a legal and ethical manner when enjoying the freedom and opportunities given by society. As an enterprise, it should not only consider how to run its own enterprise and how to make more profits, but also consider its responsibilities to employees, enterprises, customers, consumers and society at all times. Only in this way can the enterprise achieve sustainable development, can achieve the base industry evergreen.

Many excellent enterprises attach great importance to "co-existence with nature" and "sustainable development", and establish and promote the good social image of enterprises in practice. The connotation of social responsibility means that the company should be fully aware of the impact of its behavior on all aspects, including its employees, customers, partners, contractors, suppliers, neighborhood units, governmental authorities and other relevant units, and should not infringe upon their interests in any form.From the perspective of enterprises' own development, enterprises can win reputation and organizational recognition on the one hand by assuming social responsibilities, and at the same time better reflect their cultural orientation and values, create a better social atmosphere for enterprise development, and enable enterprises to maintain vitality and maintain long-term sustainable development. That is to say, social responsibility is not only input, but also can produce intangible and tangible economic benefits.

Depending on the day is the descendants of yan and huang

Fear the heavens and love the people. Autai always encourages himself with the concept of "three gods" and carries out the concept of "depend on heaven and respect people" to every link of our work

"Heaven" is the core connotation of Chinese cultural beliefs, and the most sacred of the five thousand years of Chinese civilization is heaven. In ancient times, the law of nature was called the "law of heaven", and the emperor was the "son of heaven". During the war of resistance, the communist party of China liberated the whole country by relying on the masses of the people. In the process of new China's construction, relying on the working class this "heaven", China's economic take-off; In the process of modernization, attention must be paid to the natural law of ecological construction, environmental protection and harmonious coexistence with the nature. "Heaven" is the principle, and the principle can be followed to follow the natural development law of things, and "depending on heaven" can be better developed.

Respect is the foundation of a man

He who respects is respected. "Respect people" is to start from human nature, natural human nature. When I was very young, my parents used to tell me, "children, only by respecting and being kind to others can others respect you and give you opportunities and kindness." I still bear this sentence in mind.

As for enterprises, they should have the spirit of love. Without this spirit, more people would be hurt. A man is not worthy of respect without the spirit of a lover in general. A business, without the spirit of love, is to be abandoned by consumers.

The foundation of Autai is "heaven and earth"

Every step Autai took was marked with the words "trust in heaven and respect for others". Autai abides by the social law, keeps the moral and legal bottom line, and sticks to the quality policy of "quality is my life, and life only once". To "customer in my heart", "unlimited service" customer first principle; To be a standard, law-abiding, honest, honest enterprise this insuperable bottom line; As for "lovers", the government, society, consumers, dealers, suppliers and employees are all my "days". Attracting and retaining talents is the long-term goal of the company. Our "god" is customers (consumers). The concept of "customers in my heart and unlimited service" has retained the most well-known brands of Chinese ordinary people. Autai is the leader. In the management, Autai USES "service" to guide the overall situation, USES "service" to shape the image, USES "service" to measure talents, USES "service" to unite people, USES "service" to regulate actions, USES "service" to win the market, USES "service" to win the competition, and USES "service" to motivate endeavour. The core competitiveness of the enterprise is the foundation for the survival and development of the enterprise. In summary, the reason why Autai has made such achievements since its inception is that Autai has a united and efficient team and an Autai concept of unlimited services, which is the key to Autai's success.

The company cherishes every employee and strives to create a stage more suitable for each employee to show themselves and improve themselves. The most important thing in life is to cultivate the soul and make it a little bit more noble at the end of the curtain than at the beginning of the opening. To build the harmonious environment and interpersonal relationship of the town better, to innovate our awareness of entrepreneurship, work and study, is to make contribution to the society and human beings, and to carry forward the socialist spiritual civilization better, faster and higher

Let Autai take root in the hearts of consumers

In the connotation of corporate social responsibility, the responsibility of integrity, that is, the responsibility of an enterprise to consumers and business partners, is the most extensive social influence in corporate responsibility at present, and is also a responsibility that the public feels the most strongly.

Modern enterprise management theory focuses on the win-win of enterprises and customers. Only by doing this can we promote the virtuous circle of the whole society and the overall progress of social economy and culture. Enterprises acquire resources from the society and develop themselves while making economic contributions. Therefore, they should also repay the society by performing good behaviors of social responsibility, which has become the consensus of the business community today. Therefore, every responsible enterprise and every responsible entrepreneur should pay attention to the fulfillment of social responsibility in the whole process of enterprise production, operation and management, promote the harmonious development of the whole society with good enterprise behavior, and become a real "enterprise citizen" with good performance.

Shape the corporate culture of "depending on heaven and respect people"

A person who is kind to others will be kind to them. He who respects others will be respected as much. That is to tell us: be a man with heart to heart, want to get what, oneself want to pay first, wait for the recognition of others, will trade others' respect naturally.

He who loves is loved, and he who respects is respected. Today, otai has entered a critical period of development. "depending on the heaven and the people" is not only the magic weapon of otai's future success, but also the driving force of otai's development. Respect people, people respect the brand is the way of persistence, do a person in advance, do business.

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